Search Engine Optimization

  • About Search Engine Optimization
    This website has helpful information about search engines and optimizing your website to suit them. Use this site to update your website and make it better able to please the search engines
  • SEO Mastering - Lots of great tools
    This site contains a bunch of great tools for helping your SEO efforts. It has a great fake pagerank checker. They also have a pagerank predictor.
  • Digital Point - keyword suggestion tool
    Go to this site to help decide what keyword to use on your site to best produce the results you need. This will help to optimize your site to get the traffic you want from the search engines.
  • Search Engine Optimization Explained
    Check out this site to learn about SEO and how it works. The site will help you understand why it is so important and why you need to consider it when you are developing a website.
  • Webconfs
    Contains links to some very useful calculators and tools that will help strengthen any website. It has information on some common search engine optimization mistakes that will make is difficult to be a top competitor on the search engines.
  • Check URL
    Get information about a particular URL on the web. You can find out what your Google pagerank is and the Alexa traffic rank. It will also tell you what backlinks you have associated with your site from Yahoo and Google. This can be a great resource to optimize your website
  • Google Ranking factors
    Increase your visibility on Google by using the hints and tips found on the website. This site contains a great checklist to make your website better suited for the being searched on the Google search engine. It gives a list of all the factors that effect your rank on a Google search. This is a great resource to optimize your site to function well with the Google engine.